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Hydrothermal Vent Life

Photo dump of some animals found at EPR 9ºN. Photos were taken by me, Lauren Dykman (WHOI), National Deep Submergence Facility, and WHOI-SSSG-MISO Facility - Dan Fornari in collaboration with Ocean Imaging Systems - Eli Perrone.


Squat Lobster- Munidopsis

Dumbo Octopus- Grimpoteuthis

Octopus- Benthoctopus

Fathead fish- Thermichthys hollisi

Eel Pout- Thermarces cerberus

Polychaete- Archinome rosacea

Polychaete- Branchinotogluma sandersi

Chondrophore and a close-up of its zooids from the sea surface

Bathymodiolus thermophilus

Assorted polychaetes


Polychaete- Hesiospina vestimentifera

Giant tubeworm- Riftia pachyptila

Spirobids- Laminatubus alvini


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